Fukushima Area After Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster, 18 StreetView Pictures

Fukushima_1Fukushima_2Fukushima_2_bisFukushima_3Fukushima_5Fukushima_6Fukushima_7Fukushima_8Fukushima_9Fukushima_10Fukushima_10 Fukushima_11Fukushima_12Fukushima_13Fukushima_14Fukushima_16Fukushima_17FukushimaFukushima_4


4 thoughts on “Fukushima Area After Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster, 18 StreetView Pictures

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  2. I wish I could push a “like” button, but I can’t find one. :)

    What unique pictures of the Fukushima disaster!

    I met a guy named Toyomi Fukushima in residency (he was a med studient still). He and I went for a bike ride, but lived in different towns so we met, went for the ride, split up and went home. On my way home I had a flat tire. On his way home he was struck by a car and landed in the hospital. I don’t think he had any permanent damage, but I’m not 100% sure. We never went for another bike ride after that. I hardly ever saw him again. Incidentally, he told me that my wife’s mother’s real last name (Fujiwara) is very desirable in Japan. It’s ironic, then, that her great grandmother changed their last name from Fujiwara to Hadano. Toyomi said that people in Japan change their last names TO Fujiwara.

    Riveting comment. Sorry.

    But hey, I really like your work. Keep at it.

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